The Internet Specialist Versus the Neighborhood Specialist

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When you select an agent to sell your home, there are a couple different ways to look for the agent you need. For example, there’s the Internet specialist and the neighborhood specialist.

In most markets, the Internet specialist sells most of the houses while the neighborhood specialist does not sell as many. There are a couple reasons why.

The neighborhood specialist knows everything about the neighborhood, such as the best schools, the best parks, the nearest hospital, etc. However, they don’t know how to attract prospective buyers to your house. If an agent can’t schedule enough showings, it doesn’t matter how well they know the area.

One big thing today is buyers already have all the information about the neighborhood. They can find it online. They don’t need the real estate agent to tell them about the crime stats. They can just Google it.

The Internet specialist focuses on driving a lot of online traffic through social media, Zillow, Google, and more. Today’s first showings are online. If the consumer likes everything they see on the Internet, then they will schedule the second showing at the house. With the Internet, real estate works differently. You need to hire an agent who understands the Internet because you will get more showings and with more showings come more offers.

Ultimately, hire the Internet specialist over the neighborhood specialist. If you have any questions for me, give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to help you!