Three Mistakes To Avoid When Buying New Construction in the Twin Cities

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Buying a newly-constructed home is a wonderful opportunity. You can get a custom-built home, and you can sell it for a very nice profit. However, there are three common mistakes that I see buyers making all the time, and today I'm going to warn you about them.

Always get representation when you speak to a builder about buying a property. Builders are notorious for preying on buyers who don't have a real estate agent working with them, and they often pay the price for it.

Do your research on the builder and the neighborhood. Also look into the neighborhood that you're moving into and take note of any developments or improvements that may be taking shape.

Read the fine print on the agreement, and then reread it. Don't sign anything until you fully understand it, and I'd also recommend getting a lawyer to read it over. I've seen buyers get themselves into trouble this way.

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