What Is the True Cost of Selling a Twin Cities Home?

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There are certain expenses that you'll encounter when selling your Twin Cities home. One of them will be the photography used to market your home. We hire local photographers because we think high-end photos increase the final sale price. We pay up to $300 per home, but it depends on what level of photography that you choose. We recommend higher-quality photos because your first impression often comes online.

Real estate signage is also an expense, as well as a lock-box that will go on your home. These things can also vary in price depending on the amount of signage and the quality of the lock-box.

Another expense is marketing on social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ have figured out how to monetize their data, and this is usually a major expense for real estate teams. It allows us to pinpoint a target audience and get them to buy your home. This usually brings buyers who are willing to fight over your home, so the price is well worth it. Creating a custom website is also a major expense, but it can pay dividends.

Advertising in newspapers or magazines is more traditional, but people still do this very often. Some people will even text message or call prospective buyers.

Overall, the cost of marketing a home is more expensive than it used to be.There are a lot of different avenues for you to go down, so to cover all of your bases you need to spend a little money on all of them.

So, what is the actual cost of selling your home? Well, there's a commission that you have to pay, and that ranges from 3-5% of the total cost of your home. That will vary depending on what your agent charges you, but don't forget that better agents (who can sell your home for more money) usually charge upwards of 5%.

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