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Hey everyone, we’ve got a quick message for you today, and are excited to share some news with you.

The first thing we want to cover is a Facebook post we recently shared. We just wanted to reiterate the fact that we are truly thankful for all of you who have been supporting our business. Whether you’re one of our social media followers, refer business to us, or are past or current customers, we appreciate you! We don’t say thank you enough, so we wanted to make a point of it today. We also wanted to tell you about a cool new tool we have on our website. 

Have you ever entertained the idea of selling your home, but only if you could get a certain price for it? We are excited to introduce the latest tool on our website, which will allow you to enter your address and the amount you’d be willing to sell for. We will keep the information on file, and call if you if there are any buyers out there looking to purchase a home like yours for your price. Click here to check it out!

This is just another one of the systems we have in place in order to help you sell your home for top dollar. If you have any questions for us, give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you soon!